Sessions & Fees

Private Hamilton Kindergarten for Children Aged 0 to 5 years

Flexible Sessions

During school term times from Monday to Friday children can attend our all-day, morning or afternoon sessions.  Your child is welcome for any number or combination of sessions a week, depending on availability. 

Session times for all Kindyz of Queenwood centres: 

All day – 8:15 to 4:00 (2 sessions)
Morning – 8:30 to 12:00 (3.5 hours)
Afternoon – 12:30 to 4:00 (3.5 hours)

We ask that you please keep to session times but understand that occasionally you can’t help running a bit late to pick up your child so consistent with our friendly, flexible approach we don’t charge penalties. 

Holiday Programmes

During school holidays our teachers run holiday programmes that follow the same session times as those in term-time but the programme is all about having fun. 
We’re not open on public holidays and close down completely for a couple of weeks over Christmas/New Year. 

Term dates

2023 Dates
Term 1 Monday 22 January – Friday 12 April 2024
Term 2 Monday 29 April – Friday5 July 2024
Term 3 Monday 22 July – Friday 27 September 2024
Term 4 Monday 14 October – Friday 20 December 2024


Our fees are structured to reflect the varying levels of care and teaching support provided given the developmental needs of children in each of our age specific centres.  Fees cover our abundance of top quality classroom resources, nappies (if required), sunscreen, and most special guests who regularly visit our centres.  Some additional charges may apply for excursions and other one-off special programmes.

We welcome WINZ subsidies and we also participate in the government ECE 20 hours subsidy scheme.  

ECE 20 Hours​

The ECE 20 Hours programme is intended to encourage greater participation in early childhood education for children 3 and over. The programme provides financial support for up to a maximum of 6 hours per day and 20 hours per week. Where children are eligible, we ask that parents contribute extra in recognition that we provide 100% qualified teachers and still further qualified and unqualified teachers, which is in excess of what is required to meet the regulated standards set by the Government.  A schedule of our fees is as follows:

Charge Per Session (Including GST) Standard Fee With ECE 20 Hours
Kindy Bubz $26.00 -
Kindy Totz $24.50 $15.00
Kindy Tweenz and Kindy Kidz $23.00 $13.00

Fees are invoiced in advance at the beginning of each term. 

In common with most centres normal fees apply for Public Holidays and unfortunately if your child is absent there isn’t a reduction in fees.  If you’re withdrawing your child (other than when they leave for school) we require two weeks written notice please otherwise two weeks fees are payable.  We hope we never have to do this but if we need to refer outstanding debts onto third party debt collectors costs of collection will be added to the amount already outstanding.

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What our parents have to say...

My boy has been enjoyed the learning experience, much more than I imagined.
Both our boys have been at Kindyz since Kindybubz. They have learnt so much, experienced so many cool things and had so much fun. The staff are fantastic and really care about our boys. Our eldest son just started school and was completely ready and excited due to the literacy and numeracy and life skills learnt at Kindykidz and Kindytweenz. I can't recommend Kindyz of Queenwood highly enough!
This is one of the most incredible kindy facilities I have ever been to. Both of our kids attended from 6 months old and when it came time to go to school they had all of the tools to start them off in the right direction. They could write, read and were aware of how the school day ran. Heather and her team are very nurturing, funny and always give the kids the tools, time and love that they need to develop in to great young kids. I honestly believe that they have helped shape our kids in to the cool little individuals they are today. You know they must be doing something right when even your 8 yr old who hasn't been there for ages keeps asking to go back and visit!
This kindy is seriously amazing the love and care these teachers have for the kids is the best you could ask for ! awesome structure and learning ! Setting them up for life !! 😀
kindyz are the best so supportive and my kiddies just love it.
Absolutely outstanding!! So comfortable dropping our son off and his development is a compliment to the fantastic staff!!!
Kindyz have been fantatsic for our son
Driving home today my daughter was looking at a new plastic drink bottle that I had been given. She looked at the bottom of it and exclaimed "Mum this is ok! It's number 5 so we can recycle it when it breaks!" I really appreciate all that Kindyz of Queenwood have done for us over the years! We can confidantley send our daughter to School in the new year knowing that she is well and truly ready, not only with her literacy and numeracy skills but also her social skills and sense of repsonsibilty. Thank you Kindyz of Queenwood!
Kindyz was the first and only daycare I checked out and I enrolled my son that day !! I got an instant feeling of calm , chilled and relaxed atmosphere which was a PLUS for me ! My son startted kindy bubs and IT SHOWS how much he loves it .. he is so so happy after kindy and i cant just tell he LOVES being there.. the ladies there are awesome too !! THANK YOU KINDYZ A+++++++ from me!!!!!
My daughter like here!
Awesome Kindy, great people and smart kids.
I started all 3 of my kids at Kindy Bubz and they've moved through the houses as they've gotten older. I love that concept, the kids stay with their peer groups and have teachers who specialise in their age group. The teachers are lovely and approachable and they've done a wonderful job of looking after my kids. Once they've graduated from kindy and are off to school they are well prepared. Well done Heather and Gareth.