Private Hamilton Kindergarten for Children Aged 0 to 5 years

What our parents say...

As we head into the final term of our journey, please know that we couldn’t have asked for a better pre-school education and start. We know your care reaches far beyond the little faces that sit with you on the mat each day eager to learn, and that it also encloses the wider family members as an extension of your own.
Thanks again for providing the quality environment for our children.
We have been so impressed with the quality of learning our daughter has received with you and wish for our son to get this great start too.
Thanks for the amazing job you do at Kindyz! He LOVES it here!
It’s a great learning/fun environment for the children and the staff are fantastic.
She is loving Kindy Bubz. The teachers have been amazing with her. We definitely made the right decision to keep both girls at Kindyz.
Keep up the great work and teaching, you guys are amazing and he just loves it. We love hearing things you've taught him that come out days or even weeks later, it's just awesome.​
Keep up the great work! We love what’s happening around the place, and always appreciate the friendliness and approachable manner…
She’s settling in very nicely to her new Kindy and her teachers are lovely!!
Your teachers are so wonderful. She is really enjoying Kindy.
She's just soaking everything up since she developed her eagerness for learning at kindy.
I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how grateful I was and am for the care and education that Max received while in Kindyz. Sharee and her wonderful team at Bubz were absolutely fantastic. They anticipated Max's needs, put me at ease and were completely understanding of our unusual situation. I cannot thank them enough and still to date Max speaks of Kindy Bubz. I would not hesitate to recommend them for any friend or family.
…she is thriving. She has made some great friends there and loves the teachers who are really great with her.
Thank you so much for taking amazing care of our kids. I honestly believe that you have helped shape them to be the amazing, confident, bright and funny kids that they are today. School life is a breeze after being at Kindy Kidz! We are really going to miss you all” “We have had a great time looking through the folio books and reflecting. Thank you so much for all of the effort that you have put into them, they look stunning.​
We are really grateful for her time that she has spent at Kindy Totz, she has really enjoyed it.
Doing well at school thanks to the teachers at Kidz…
Thanking you for all the fun and for even more to come…
I have seen the results from going to your kindy…and I only put it down to such a GREAT beginning in education. THANKS for everything you do

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